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Since inception in 2006, the team has been actively involved in stockbroking. Other than providing a platform for clients to trade, the team provides advice on stock selection and management. We aim to build a comfortable and trustworthy channel for clients to trade at ease, at our own comfort from anywhere and anytime; not forgetting being there for the client at all times for any support they need.

Our mission is to ensure our clients achieve good returns during whatever market situation. Other than reaping good returns, we also constantly update and relay any information to our clients so they are well informed and are able to manage the risks of investing in shares with the correct investment tools; be it fundamental or technical analysis.

Avin Ang

In the year 2006, the founder Avin Ang started his career as a stockbroker with OSK and coming from a small town to venture in a big city, based in Johor Bahru. However, he believes in team synergy, and standing alone will not allow you to dream big and achieve bigger. Thus, in the year 2010, he set up his own team in CIMB Investment Bank, and can proudly claim to be one of the strongest team in town. This team engages in stockbroking and had over the years build a database of more 8000 clients. Today, he had led the team to rise and be recognized; being 1st placing Remisier for 3 years in a row, and 2nd placing nationwide every year since inception.

He has over 15 years of experiences in retail stockbroking, he had helped his clients build strong and sustainable portfolios over the years, seeing remarkable returns from their investment.

Evelyn Voon
(Taman Johor Jaya Branch)

“Everyday is a new beginning”

Evelyn is on the AA team as General Manager. As part of her day-to-day interaction with engaging with her clients on their investment, Evelyn also oversees the groups’ promotional activities to keep the team engaged with the clients constantly. She had previously worked for another stockbroker for 3 years prior to joining the AA team in 2009. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics (Corporate Finance) from the University of Adelaide, Australia.

With 13 years of experiences in the retail stockbroking, she believes that every day is a new beginning as there are always new investment opportunities every day for us to seize.

Ricky Ow Ruey Chyi
(Taman Johor Jaya Branch)

“Have courage and believe in it”

Having joined the Group in 2010, Ricky has had 9 years experience in retail stockbroking. With close to 700 clients in hand, he works closely with his clients on a daily basis, reviewing and planning their portfolios. He believes to take some courage when investing and to believe in that decision as long it is justifiable and concrete.

Ricky graduated with a Diploma in Accounting from Omoga College, Malaysia.

Wilson Ng Wei Long
(Taman Johor Jaya Branch)

“Invest in yourself, for your career is your engine of wealth”

Wilson joined the group in 2015 after spending 4 years in other banking industry. Despite only having 4 years of experience in retail stockbroking, he is actively involved in his day-to-day interaction with his clients. With over 350 clients in hand, he pro-actively provides timely advice to his clients on their investment portfolio. As his motto says, he invests time and knowledge in himself to continue to educate his clients to grow their wealth, so he can grow his own wealth too from his career.

Wilson graduated from Multimedia University, Malaysia with a Bachelors Degree (Honors) in Finance.

Lily Tan Lay Lay
(Taman Perling Branch)

“Nothing is impossible”

As Senior Sales Manager of the team, Lily has 11 years of experiences in retail stockbroking; 8 years with the Group and 3 years previously with another stockbroker. She is responsible for gear and oversee the team’s sales performance and works closely with all the team members to makes sure that the client’s investments objectives are achieved and closely monitored.

Lily is originally from Selangor, and holds a Bachelor Degree in Economics from University Malaya. With 800 clients under her port, she believes that nothing is impossible to achieve so long as she is proactive in doing so. She has managed to maintain a good rapport among all her clients and continues to share her knowledge and skills among them.

Lim Sau Chong
(Taman Perling Branch)

“Your attitude decides your future”

Sau Chong is a Sales Manager at AA Team. He has a port 0f 800 clients currently and is the team’s fundamental guru. With his broad knowledge and passion in accounting, he is in charge of studying and monitoring public listed companies’ data and financial background. With his input, Sau Chong educates his fellow team members and clients.

Sau Chong has 11 years of experiences in retail stockbroking; 7 years with the Group and 4 years previously with another stockbroker. He holds a Certificate Accounting Technician (CAT) from KTC Accountants institute Johor Bahru.

He believes that his positive and pro-active attitude is what brings him close to his clients, as he is always very keen to share his knowledge to further enhance his clients’ investment choices and decisions.

Chris Tan Choon Jie
(Taman Perling Branch)

“Live only once. Do what you desire and get what you deserved”

Chris joined the group as a fresh graduate in 2014 and has had 5 years of experiences in retail stockbroking. With his never-ending momentum in assisting his clients to achieve their goals is what keep him intact with his motto to do what you desire so you can get what you deserve. With over 600 clients under his port, he has managed to achieve great heights in a short period of time.

Graduated from Tunku Abdul Rahman College with a Diploma in Business Administrative, he is the young blood in the team with energy and thirst for success.

Enya Wong Bih Yun
(Taman Perling Branch)

“Your pace does not matter, as long as you achieve your goal”

Enya joined the Group in 2014 and has had 8 years at another stockbroker.

She is meticulous and patience towards all her clients in guiding them towards their investment goals. Thus her motto, she believes every investor has different pace and preferences of their investment, so she strives to build the most suitable portfolio for her client’s preference.

Enya graduated from University of Malaya with a Degree in Science (majoring in Statistic)

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